Olomouc Region in Brussels
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Olomouc Region in Brussels is the permanent Representation of the Olomouc Region at
the European Union. The Office was created
in March 2006 with the task of strengthening
the position of the Region in Europe.
By the dialogue with the European Institutions
and the partner Regions, the Olomouc Region
profit from the membership of the Czech
Republic to the EU.
The Office provides complete
information about the essential topics
concerning the European Union, for
now and the future.
Olomouc in Brussels edits a periodic
newsletter to update the Region about
all the EU facts and events. It also
publishes policy papers, technical
reports and studies.
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11 February 2010 Six EU Regions awarded for their initiatives promoting entrepreneurship >>
10 February 2010 For the first time ever,
a woman has been elected President of the Committee of the Regions >>